Only this moment

We are very grateful for all the support and love we have received during the years we have worked with our dream. We want to thank our mothers and fathers and all the members of our families, including all our extended families and all our wonderful friends. Without you this album wouldn’t exist.

My belief is that love is what we reach for.


Special thanks go to Tomi Färm and his family. Your help and advice and all your support has been indispensable. Without you we would definitely not be where we are. We thank Sami Koivisto for being such a great partner to cooperate with at such short notice. You were exactly the right pilot to lead us to the final port.

Cause he wanted to show where we should go now


What makes the CoreBaroque sound is the sound of beautiful instruments played by unique artists. We thank the following wonderful musicians: Aleksi Santavuori, Atte Kilpeläinen and Hannu Kiiski for playing strings and Tuukka Vihtkari for playing bassoon. You just came and played for us without questioning. We are forever thankful because you made our music become real.

I climb to the peak, I believe I can find things I seek


We also want to thank Laura Kilpeläinen, Antti Nieminen, Petri Nieminen, Päivi Pousar, Anna Santavuori, Maria Santavuori, Matti Tegel, Rami Rimpinen for getting involved in our music by playing with us.

I dive to the sea and I want you to dive there with me


The lyrics were written in English with the valuable help of Tuulikki Killenberger and Erkki Pohjanpalo. And the vocals reached a new level with the precious advice of Riitta Keränen.

There are places to go things I want you to know


For your great vision and willingness to visualize CoreBaroque, we thank Maarit Alavillamo, Sara Alavillamo and Olga Poppius. Special thanks for the enormous work on the amazingly beautiful and professional cover design, and website, go to Jaakko Haaparanta.

I fly to the dawn cause I learned how to fly from the swan


For lending us their instruments (some of them for quite a long time): Ipi, Lassi, Janne and Tomi. Tonto we want to thank, as well, for leading us to the pilot who saved the ship from sinking. We thank Mika Tolonen for building us Studio Sydänkivi and his family for the precious time he used in doing it.

I have one life to live and so much I can give


We also want to thank the church of Vihti, restaurant Manala, the theatre of Vihti, and the music shop St. Pauls Sound. Mari Toivonen, we thank you for introducing us to each other, as well as friendship and loving music and sharing that joy with us.

Side by side we ride this stormy sea


But most of all we thank our children Ossi, Aada, Elsa and Angel. You are the most precious ones in our hearts. You have given us all your love and encouraged us. Rakastamme teitä äärettömästi.

Yours for eternity I swear I’ll be

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