You and I

You and I
seem to fly
as we ride downhill to the lake side
looks you gave
made me smile
feeling lightened and fulfilled with your love

And I know you
and you know me
I’m in love and always will be
I will breath deep, feeling so fine
Like this all has been planned long before time

Are you mine
how can this be
I was waiting for you now you’re with me
Bright sun shine
though I can see
even brilliance of light may not blind me

So alike
we will blend in with water soft and sweet
boundless life
you and I
sky is bright and we will enjoy this heat

Now I’m breathless
cause you’re gorgeous
you receive this gentle treatment
all this brightness all around us
life has been leading up to this moment

If you lose your faith in your life it’s like you’ve lost your fight
when you rise and you shine you’ll get prize of your time
there’s so much you can give
it’s time for your dream
you have heart which foresees things you won’t believe.